Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Insinuate yourself into the mind of an opponent, in order to understand the better solution." - Cecil R. Singleton

I don’t do drugs. Like many of you, I have experimented in the past. But the plain truth is that I simply don’t see the point. Now that being said, have any of you ever firmly considered the benefit, of globally legalizing drugs? I know, initially this theory seems "barbaric". So indulge me for a second. . .I have been around drugs, virtually my entire life. So consequently, I understand the big picture. But briefly imagine, the addicts, who likely wouldn’t need to rob or steal to supplement their uncontrollable habits. Or the Harlem Drug Lords for instance - whom would in effect, be put out of business. Not to mention that you could essentially neutralize gang war, and help prevent the spread of Aids. I have historically spoken against the widespread distribution of narcotics; primarily because of my father’s inability to say no for 30 years, & the effect they have had on the impressionable men in my community. But like any seasoned Diva already knows, sometimes it’s relevant to think outside the box.
The inconvenient truth is that addicts are going to do drugs, whether they're legal or not. But if our government monitored the distribution, you could likely save a lot of casualties. Not to mention, that incarceration doesn’t a cure drug addiction! Rehabilitation is undisputedly 7 X's more effective to treat, what is medically recognized as a "disease" and most certainly, a disability. People need help. But if simple compassion doesn’t persuade you, consider how much it would help repair our economy! The United States government spent an estimated 15 billion dollars on the war on Drugs, in 2010 alone. Call me a radical, but my theory is that you monitor the effect of drugs, by applying laws similar to the ones associated with alcohol, & prescriptions. I may arguably be subversive in my “rhetoric”, but I thought the goal essentially was to save lives. Or does our country’s well-being, take a back seat to the ego of politicians?  

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