Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A tough truth, is better then No truth. . .

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Statisticly, 46% of Black Gay men are HIV Positive. When I consider the evidence, including the percentage of men who lie, are unemployed, have mother issues, or retain extramarital affairs...the prospect of finding a suitable significant other, seems virtually impossible. This afternoon, following what could've been, a brief, yet fulfilling physical encounter; I started reading an urban erotic tale by J Tremble, called Secrets of A Housewife. Barely 3 chapters in, Im already convinced of 2 things. 1st, men & even some women, simply can not be trusted. 2ndly, if I can be so captivated by the diabolical schemes & extramarital affairs of a novel, perhaps I should say "To Hell with men & relationships in general", lolz. From this pt on, its all about books, and maintaining my looks. I m not dating any1, including the supposed "nice guys". I intend to be wealthy, and highly educated b4 I hit 30. Too much fucking around, is not going to ensure my success. Now, whose with me???? lmao

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