Monday, February 14, 2011

The Beauty of being single. . .Choosing "I", over "We" !

The problem with relationships, is that people exercise so much time on the needs of some1 else. How much concern is given to the individual, and not the "couple"? Earlier this evening, I indulged in questionable behavior, for my own selfish needs. The sex wasn’t anything fantastic, but it did scratch an itch that’s been long overdue. Two hours later, following the extensive post clean-up, my line rang . . . It was an unexpected call, from a guy I'd previously said goodbye to. Somehow, his personal crisis 'almost' took precedence over my sexual re-awakening. Then it occurred to me…as a compassionate person, it’s only natural to experience empathy 4 some1 else. But sometimes the most efficient thing to do is say "I'm sorry. I'll pray 4 you and, goodbye". We're not children; but we're also not middle-aged married folk, either. So why the hell are we settling with "relationships" that require premature sacrifices all together?? The relationship we should be mending is the 1 with our self. Especially since, that one takes a lifetime, to almost get rite.

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