Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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       I despise a person with the capability of doing nothing, in the face of great tragedy. Our government & the citizens of this country have admittedly embraced a routine of foreign intolerance, in a post 911 world. This unfortunately, includes our collective opinion on Refugees & granting Asylum. A refugee, by definition, is someone that is forcibly displaced from their home by conflict, or fear of persecution on the basis of race, religion, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group. It is imperative to understand, that they are not the same as impoverished immigrants. In Tanzania, we have an epidemic of Albino Africans being slaughtered daily by Witch Doctors, on the premise that their blood can offer magical powers. Jamaica has a well-earned reputation 4 literally being "the most homophobic place on earth". Having the world’s highest murder rate as well, I'm sure this must pose well for gays. At the top of the list for Asylum Seekers, are Iraq & Afghanistan. I am beyond disappointed, at hearing the tired consensus that we should "take care of our own". 1 of the more beautiful elements of this country, is that none of us are biologically "native to this land". We especially, should have room for tolerance & compassion, above all others. Then they’re some people who make an argument, that fear is a great justification for selfishness. . .They're wrong. Others suggest, that there's a better alternative to fleeing from 1's own country to the US. The simple truth is that these people have nowhere else to go. Most experts agree that if a person is in fear for their life within their country; simply relocating within that country’s borders is unlikely to afford them any protection. For a moment, consider what your survival approach would be. . . How much faith would you have, if some1 could turn a blind eye & offer the platitude of, "I'll pray for you"? It should shock our conscience, that when an individual is facing the probability of a horrifying death, the overall message of our nation’s leaders, remains - "We need to mind our own business". It should scare you, that the people living next door likely support it.

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