Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Be advised, there is no pretty picture. But it's one you need to see, all the same!

HIV negative, as of 1/12/2011. . .If you recall, I did an expose in September about the danger of trusting men, who claim to be "non-reactive", in reference to the virus. As is the new, politically correct term for not having it. . .After discovering that there was an epidemic of the infected, systematically spreading the disease in my community; I became fixated on how many men I'd previously trusted, who might have potentially lied to me. I wish I could say that a simple Google search would suffice, to know everything that you need to about the virus, and those misfortunate 2 have it. But my knowledge was endured the difficult way, & none of it was reviled in any article, displayed online.
My recent path to discovery was only prompted, after several lapse in judgments, and an exposure from someone, who neglected to mention their status. . .After my carless encounter, something intuitively told me, that going home & pretending my mistake didn’t happen, would be the worst recourse of action. So I did what needed to be done. Though exhausted, I marched my ass through the ghetto halls of Lincoln Hospital Hospital, and demanded the HIV cocktail. I wish I could relay, that Lincoln Hospital offered a supportive environment, to make up for what they lack in medical care. . .But the truth is, I had to fight to save my life. I don’t mean to use hyperbole, but I am firmly opposed to painting deadly diseases, as a pretty picture.
Months later, I learned, that through the grace of god, my mistake did not result in me catching HIV. More importantly, was the lesson that I learned, and what you need to know, to protect yourself from here on out. . .

For starters, if exposed to HIV within 48 hours, you can take HIV medication, which will dramatically reduce your chances of catching it, by more than 50 %.

Most people aren’t aware, because the prescription cost several thousands of dollars, and absent insurance, the hospital is STILL OBLIGATED to give it to you.
The medication has several side effects on the body, but can save your life.

1 out of every 4 men in Chelsea, Manhattan, are HIV positive.

46% of black gay men in general, are HIV positive.

Several men, who are HIV positive, will not tell you. . .
Some will TRY to infect you.

For $67.95, you can buy a @Home HIV kit, & test your partners before sleeping with them.

For many young gay men, the virus itself is not the only thing contagious. Some have been seduced, & so have embraced the idea of catching it, by consciously deciding to not use a condom, with partners who have it.

HIV is not a bad person’s disease. HIV is an unlucky person’s disease. The virus does not discriminate based on gender, sexual orientation, race/ethnicity, or social economic status.

Get tested   Use Protection   Be Smart ~

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