Monday, March 14, 2011

A week of happiness, will lead to a sunday of fresh perspective ~

       It's so interesting how often history repeats itself. When it comes to people, the most predictable element is that they will always return to form. The theory that people can change, is a comforting one, but also an illusion at best. As my "friend", and in respect to our history, I have habitually forgiven you in the past. Despite the over whelming drama you bring, & your irrefutable selfish behavior, you're the 1 person outside my family who has been able to hurt me, & come back absent an apology. NO MORE. This week was wonderful, in more ways than 1. I was happy; and as apparent to my friends, there was even a glow on my person. My understanding is that it likely has everything to do with my recent change in attitude. For the 1st time in ages, I simply don’t give a fuck. Im no longer angry with the bitches who betray me, or the loved ones who don’t exstend themself as much as I do. I simply, don’t give a fuck. I had no idea how liberating it would be, once I let go of the unnecessary B.S. Truth be told, I think your 1 of them. So in respect to my history, I ll forgive you, whether you deserve it or not. However, I so don’t need you around. We're 22, soon to be 23. While I seem to be changing, you seem to remain the same petty Bitch you've become 4 the past 7 years.
I think there comes a certain pt in any relationship, when you have to ask yourself - Is it worth it? Does the past, compensate for what I'm not getting out of this relationship. As a n infamous Single -Diva, I have always proudly lay claim to the fact, that I may be technically "alone", but @least I'm not miserable with some1 else. I don’t see why that concept wouldn’t apply to my supposed "friendships". As a matter of fact, at 22, the only person who should take president in my life is me. I have my 40’s to worry about being alone. Also, there have been so many people who have come in to my life recently, offering support & friendship to match. I don’t have to sweat whether or not I’ll get hurt or spend time implicating boundaries, because they have a history of changing suite & putting men ahead of me. The truth is, you are not the girl I fell in love with as a kid. I thought somewhere along the way, you’d change, but this a choice you made. Unlike some people I know, you’re not the culmination of an unfortunate circumstance you couldn’t prevent. Your misfortune is that you like being a Bitch. I just refused to see it. So long Diva. I think it’s better if I let you go.

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